Samuel Masucci and Jason Wilson Team Up to Make Marijuana Stocks Safe for the Individual Investor

July 17, 2018


Samuel Masucci is Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Exchange Traded Managers Group, LLC. Mr. Masucci has more than 25 years’ experience in investment banking, structured product development, sales and trading. In the last five years, he founded ETF Managers Group — ETFMG — to revolutionize the exchange-traded fund marketplace. Mr. Masucci ‘s leadership has already led to the successful launch of 14 funds and $2 billion in assets. His unique approach to the ETF go-to-market process and post-launch management is setting the bar in this quickly evolving industry. Prior to ETFMG, he has held senior positions at Bear Stearns, UBS, SBC Warburg and Merrill Lynch, and has a proven track record of creating, building and managing businesses for the issuance, sales and trading of: ETFs, index products, commodity products, hedge funds, ABS and OTC structured products in the U.S. and Europe.

Jason Wilson is President of Budding Equity Asset Management, Inc., and Partner of ETFMG Alternative Harvest ETF. As President of Budding Equity Asset Management, Inc., Mr. Wilson is responsible for all facets of its business, including the development of cannabis-focused investment themes. He brings a unique blend of business acumen, experience and a track record of bringing hard-to-access asset classes to market.

Together, these two experienced money managers and financial engineers have crafted an innovative method for investing in the legal Cannabis sector.  In this 3,178 word exclusive interview in the Wall Street Transcript, they detail how the individual investor can participate.

Jason Wilson puts it this way:  “The aim of the Alternative Harvest Index is to provide exposure to the growing cannabis sector. What the index does is looks at the universe of stocks of companies globally to find those that have their primary revenues that are generated with respect to the production of cannabis or cannabis-related products. That is our global filter, if you will. From there, we use various criteria to determine what should be included in the index. On a quarterly basis, we screen all these stocks for daily liquidity, trading volume and market cap.”

Mr. Wilson details the weightings of the index as well as the interesting aspects of some of the key stocks represented in the fund:  “A company is considered a primary company and receives a higher weighting if it is primarily engaged in the production of cannabis or cannabis-related products. Those companies end up getting a higher weighting versus companies that have an ancillary focus on the cannabis economy. Companies with a higher weighting include companies that grow medicinal marijuana outside of the U.S. or produce cannabis-based pharmaceuticals, such as GW Pharma (NASDAQ:GWPH), which is a biopharmaceutical company based in the U.K.”

Samuel Masucci points out that “The train has left the station. The general public for the most part, while they may have differences of opinion when it comes to recreational use, is clearly approving of it on the medical side.”

To read the full 3,178 word interview visit the Wall Street Transcript.