Sam Wiseman is Finding Portfolio Value Boosters in the Global Small Cap Market

July 10, 2019

Sam Wiseman, M.A., CFA, is the Chief Investment Officer of Wise Capital Management Inc. He has 40 years of comprehensive industry experience. He has been a portfolio manager since 1990, having previously been a Vice President, Equities at Bolton Tremblay and a Portfolio Manager at OMERS. Mr. Wiseman is also a member of the CFA Practice Analysis Working Body Committee.

In his 2,492 word interview, exclusively in the Wall Street Transcript, Mr. Wiseman reveals a detailed small cap portfolio development protocol developed at his firm:

“…What we find worldwide, as markets have become more mature and there’s been more regulation, is that small cap has been the highest-performing asset class.

It has shown historical outperformance of 2% to 3% over general equities, and it will continue to do so over five-year periods because the inefficiency is in fact getting greater, not less, as are most other inefficiencies.”

Within the small cap universe, some global winners are apparent:

“…We have a very large weighting for the United Kingdom, which is structurally doing very well, and it uses technology in some cases, like the financial sector, even more than the United States and Canada, much more.”

Then the portfolio finds some great valuations in the midst of market volatility:

“…It’ll show us, for example, a sector that will be out of favor, let’s say, health care or consumer stocks, which are very much out of favor as a theme, but then we’ll purposely go to those stocks and closely examine to find names that were thrown out, that is a baby-thrown-out-with-the-bathwater type of thing.

So that people are rotating out of the sector, but there are still some stocks that are gems there, which might get misclassified. And we’ll find some excellent underpriced stocks.”

Get the complete portfolio from the exclusive 2,492 word interview with Sam Wiseman, exclusively in the Wall Street Transcript.