Queens Oak Advisors See Upside in Selected Stocks: Get Their New Top Picks

March 14, 2019

Eric M. Teal is Chief Investment Officer and Managing Partner of Queens Oak Advisors, a position he has held since August 2015. He has overall responsibility for the firm’s investment strategy and results. This includes overall responsibility for asset allocation and directing portfolio management, research, trading, planning and risk management.

In this exclusive 1,755 word interview with the Wall Street Transcript, Mr. Teal updates his analysis of several key portfolio stocks:

“…There was a merger of equals between BB&T (NYSE:BBT) and SunTrust (NYSE:STI), which is a combination of two notable regional banks in the Southeast. We have thought for some time that there would be continued consolidation within banks and financials, but this is the biggest merger in nearly a decade since the financial crisis. We think the consolidation among regional banks will continue to occur as there is a need for scale and operational efficiencies within the banking industry.”

The development of MetLife is another portfolio positive:

“…We do like insurance providers such as MetLife (NYSE:MET). Met has an attractive dividend yield significantly above the market and the industry peer group. They’ve had solid earnings growth as well as dividend growth over the past several years.

Their earnings have continued to accelerate primarily with disciplined expense management. And so given their diverse exposure to life insurance, asset management and small businesses, and our view that claims will be lower within the insurance industry over the next year or two, we think that MetLife looks attractive…”

Another top pick is BorgWarner (NYSE:BWA):

“BorgWarner stock has since stabilized and has had a strong start in 2019. The company does have exposure to tariffs with China, but they have really rationalized their product offering, including selling off the thermostat business last year, and their products offer good exposure to hybrid and electric technologies and motor vehicles.

And so the recent decline in stock price, I think, gives a unique opportunity for investors to own a company that is trading at a forward p/e in the single digits, offering long-term growth in many attractive areas, particularly within light vehicle sales.”

Get more of the detail on these and many other picks by reading the entire exclusive 1,755 word interview in the Wall Street Transcript.