One Stop Systems (NASDAQ:OSS) Puts Artificial Intelligence Computing into the Hands of Battlefield Officers

October 2, 2023
President and CEO of One Stop Systems (NASDAQ:OSS) Mike Knowles

Mike Knowles, President and CEO, One Stop Systems (NASDAQ:OSS)

One Stop Systems (NASDAQ:OSS) is creating an industrial platform for edge related artificial intelligence.

Mike Knowles is the President and CEO of One Stop Systems (NASDAQ:OSS).

Mr. Knowles has more than 30 years of leadership experience in global aerospace and defense markets, including Cubic Corporation, Rockwell Collins, Lockheed Martin, and Curtiss Wright Defense Solutions.

Over his career he has effectively developed and launched market-changing technologies and products in both defense and commercial markets.

As President and GM of Cubic Corporation’s Mission and Performance Solutions business, Mr. Knowles led a $700 million global business unit with 2,000 employees.

Mr. Knowles is a retired Navy Officer, AEDO, and graduate of the U.S. Naval Test Pilot school.

He has a bachelor’s degree in aerospace engineering from the U.S. Naval Academy, a master’s degree in aerospace engineering from the U.S. Naval Postgraduate School and an MBA from George Mason University.

The One Stop Systems (NASDAQ:OSS) explains the appeal of artificial intelligence software deployed to US troops.

“…If you look at the defense posture of the U.S. and its allies versus our adversaries, you will see that our adversaries tend to have a more centralized command and control system.

They will bring back sensor and other intelligence information to a centralized location where a limited number of commanders can make a decision, determine actions and then issue orders to execute.

They’re counting on a centralized leadership group and massive volume of assets to be able to execute their strategies.

The United States and its allies have taken a more distributed approach because they may not have such an overall volume of assets.

Their strategy is based on being able to move command decisions out to the edge where commanders and sensors operate.

Commanders can make decisions and act locally based on the information that they can utilize there and not have to rely upon a centralized location, which can take longer to make those decisions.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning processing at the edge allows you to make decisions faster with fewer people and allows you to act faster than your adversaries.

So this is the driving force behind the big pull for artificial intelligence, machine learning and edge processing in the defense market.

Very similarly, inside the commercial aspect, time is money, and action and business are local. So if you’re thinking about elements like autonomous trucking, the truck has a sensor suite of systems with forward-looking infrared, radar and visual systems that all must be processed and managed by AI.

This enables the truck to operate autonomously in real-time.

The capability opens up the opportunity, for example, to do long haul routes from the West Coast to the East Coast in significantly less time than driver-controlled vehicles do today.

Another example is agriculture or organic farming, using lasers to manage weed infestations.

The sensors used to differentiate weeds from crops require significant amounts of processing to run the associated AI application.

And you can’t do that through the cloud given latency and connectivity constraints.

You need to do that on the tractor, in the field. In doing so, you can tender and process fields faster, which means you can turn crops quicker and efficiently.

So there is opportunity to apply artificial intelligence for defense or commercial applications at the point of action, and this has been driving the increased demand for AI in these markets.”

One Stop Systems (NASDAQ:OSS) is partnering with all the right companies.

“On the hardware side, we have an especially strong partnership with Nvidia (NASDAQ: NVDA). We are one of a few companies to become a Nvidia certified provider. This certifies that any software that has been developed on Nvidia products will run in any of our systems.”

we have successfully completed the CEO transition as a key element of the company and board growth strategy.

This will help to more effectively drive the company’s growth with an eye toward accelerating its position in the defense market.

In support of this strategy, we were also happy to announce the recent addition of a new VP of sales, Robert Kalebaugh, to the team.

Robert and I worked together for the past decade at our previous firm, and he brings to OSS 35 years of sales and marketing experience in the defense market.

Another big takeaway was that I found the core strategy around bringing data center level performance to the edge was sound and that we had room and ample opportunity organically to grow in both the defense and commercial markets.

Lastly, I have been impressed with the scale of available products that we have in terms of their capability, as well as the various cost points where we can competitively solve solutions at different levels of need in compute capability and cost point.

I think all of these factors reinforce that OSS is in a good position with strong differentiating products in a growth market and has a strategy that makes sense. It is now all about accelerating the capture of this great market opportunity…

We’re in a very promising market that’s showing no indication of slowing down, both in commercial and defense, and we have a sound strategy and differentiated products and capabilities. We’re helping organizations capture the advantage that artificial intelligence and machine learning is bringing to their capabilities, and the related demand for greater processing power has been growing every year.

I think one of the other interesting dynamics of our market is that you can take many existing platforms — such as trucks, aircraft and military vehicles — and apply artificial intelligence and computing to make them more capable without having to redesign and rebuild a whole new platform.

This is an interesting economic aspect which I believe will continue to substantiate this market for quite some time.

I also believe that we’re in this strong market space with a differentiated offering. We bring leading-edge compute and storage and switching fabric capability that is better than our competitors.

The industry relationships I mentioned, like with Nvidia and others, bring with them the opportunity to do things in the market that others are unable to do.

And so, we can offer some differentiated capability and leverage this to capture new opportunities and grow the business.”

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