Matt Schreiber, President and Chief Investment Strategist of WBI Investments, Looks for Millennial Participation in the Stock Market

January 18, 2018

Matt Schreiber is the President and Chief Investment Strategist of WBI Investments, as well as a voting member of WBI’s Investment Committee and an owner of the firm. Mr. Schreiber is responsible for the day-to-day oversight of WBI’s business operations. As Chief Investment Strategist, Mr. Schreiber’s responsibilities include market and economic analysis, portfolio strategy, and product design and development.  In his exclusive interview with the Wall Street Transcript, Mr. Schreiber details his investment firm’s portfolio strategy.

“We’re agnostic to where the opportunities are, whether they’re small, mid or large-sized companies, but I think one place to be shopping is where you can find good value, trying to buy low and sell at a higher point, and a company that has good fundamentals. So despite popular belief and where the returns have mostly been in the last couple of years as people have been focused on growth and tech companies, I think one thing that we’re starting to see is a resurgence of companies that are a good value that do pay a dividend.”

One contrarian pick illustrates the firm’s methodology:   “Target (NYSE:TGT) is interesting because a lot like Amazon’s (NASDAQ:AMZN) acquisition of Whole FoodsTarget has food. It has those consumer staples for everyday life, so not only do they have a lot of your housewares and home goods and electronics, but they also have a strong offering from a clothing perspective. And of course, you can do your grocery shopping there. So it’s kind of a very nice one-stop shop. And I think that’s what makes it a very interesting investment — you know, in the short term at least.”

Read the complete interview with Matt Schreiber, Chief Investment Strategist of WBI Investmentsin the Wall Street Transcript to get more of his top picks and portfolio strategy.