Kansas City Portfolio Manager Mark Eveans Picks Healthcare Stocks for Growth and Value

November 19, 2018

Mark E. Eveans, CFA, CIC, is President, Chief Investment Officer and Senior Portfolio Manager at Meritage Portfolio Management. Mr. Eveans is a founding Principal of Meritage. He serves as the lead manager of the Meritage Value Equity strategy, supports the Yield-Focus and Small Cap Value Equity strategies, and drives the firm’s overall investment philosophy.

Mr. Eveans has over 40 years of experience managing institutional and private portfolios, preceded by four years as an institutional security analyst. A past President of the Kansas City Society of Financial Analysts, he currently serves on the national board of governors of the Investment Advisors Association, the independent industry’s leading trade association. He received his BBA and MSA in finance from Wichita State University with honors.

In this 3,694 word interview in the Wall Street Transcript, Mr. Eveans details his investing philosophy and focuses on several top picks in his current portfolio.

“When you look at our philosophy and focus over these many years, what you find is that we’re bottom-up, stock-by-stock value investors. We are driven by a very robust quantitative ranking process that has been in constant improvement backtesting and real-time testing for over 20 years.

“We use proprietary algos to continuously rank over 6,000 securities worldwide. Long story short, the process boils down to about 200 securities in any point in time that we deem to be quantitatively attractive for purchase. ”

One of the many stocks highlighted in the interview identified as a “value” stock:

“Here’s one that we’ve owned for a while but is still very attractive, PRA Health Sciences (NASDAQ:PRAH). Roughly 17% grower in earnings, historical and prospective, and very high rank in our process.

They do contract clinical research basically; they are one of three big companies that do that. They do work for biotech companies, for standard drug companies, testing the results of their prospective new drug compounds. It’s a very valuable service that they provide. And all of the drug industry relies on them.”

To get all the details on Mark Eveans portfolio picks, read the entire 3,694 word interview in the Wall Street Transcript.