Interview Highlights: William H. Mann III of Motley Fool Asset Management on Investing Strategies

September 29, 2016

William H. Mann III discusses Motley Fool Asset Management, LLC as well as the Independence Fund and the Great America Fund. The Independence Fund is a go-anywhere fund, which means it can invest globally and across market caps. The Great America Fund invests in domestic small caps and midcaps. According to Mr. Mann, he is a business-centric investor, meaning he focuses on things he can control, such as the quality of a business and the price he is paying for it. He defines quality as companies that can beat their cost of capital over a 10-year period. Mr. Mann does not worry about a fund’s short-term performance or how it compares to a benchmark. In general, the funds are concentrated with 50 to 70 companies, which allows the portfolio managers to know the companies very well and maintain a low turnover.

Full interview available here.