Ginger Ale is Reed’s Inc. (NASDAQ:REED) Bread and Butter

August 13, 2020

Norman E. Snyder is Chief Executive Officer at Reed’s Inc. Mr. Snyder joined Reed’s Inc. in September 2019 as the Chief Operating Officer.

He was appointed Chief Executive Officer in March 2020.

Prior to joining Reed’s, Mr. Snyder served as President and Chief Executive Office for Avitae USA, LLC, an emerging premium new age beverage company that markets and sells a line of ready-to-drink caffeinated waters.

Prior to Avitae, he served as the President and Chief Operating Officer for Adina For Life, Inc.; President and Chief Executive Officer of High Falls Brewing Company; and Chief Financial Officer and later Chief Operating Officer of South Beach Beverage Company, known as SoBe.

In prior experience, Mr. Snyder served as Controller for National Football League Properties, Inc. and in various roles at PriceWaterhouse during an eight-year tenure.

In this exclusive 2,885 word interview, the CEO details the strategy for maneuvering Reed’s through the economic disruption of the COVID 19 global pandemic.

“If we had an upset stomach or didn’t feel good, what did mom give us? Gave us ginger ale. And I think people still use it. My wife does that with our kids if they have an upset stomach or don’t feel good.

And think of hospitals, what’s one of the beverages that hospitals provide people when they come out of surgery or a procedure? It’s ginger ale.

So it has great antioxidant properties, and it effects nausea. We’ve had doctor’s offices that treat cancer patients, to help them ease their nausea from chemotherapy have requested both our drinks and our candies, particularly for children. So it helps with that.

It helps bolster your immune system. And it just has a lot of real positive attributes in terms of what it can do. It is a superfood, and it helps with anti-inflammation. I mean, that’s where I use it a lot.

I take our ginger shots, and it really helps with my joints, particularly my knees. So it’s this superfood that’s been used by various cultures for thousands and thousands of years.”

The company has seen some challenges from the COVID 19 global pandemic economic disruption:

“One of the things that we’ve run into is because of the pandemic certain packages have become very popular. For example, there was, I saw an article saying about cans, volume cans.

I mean, on-premise businesses have basically dried up, and a lot of packages, for example, beers and cans, now people are buying beer to take home, and the preferred package is the can. So can supply is tightened up. The glass supply is tightened up. Some raw materials in terms of our labels have tightened up.

So we’ve been very challenged to stay ahead of that curve. And thankfully, for a lot of these items, there have been annual allocations, and we have our allocation in.

So we’re covered, but other — for newer products where we don’t, we’ve been, you know, we’ve been really challenged to keep up.”

Get the complete picture by reading the entire 2,885 word interview, exclusively in the Wall Street Transcript.