Dr. Kumaraguru Raja, Senior Biotech Analyst, Identifies Top Microcap Drug Development Companies

April 2, 2020

Dr. Kumaraguru Raja is a Senior Biotech Analyst at Brookline Capital Markets. Previously, he was Vice President, Biotechnology Research at Noble Life Science Partners.

He started his equity research career in 2010 as a Senior Associate Analyst on the Citi Research biotechnology team. His expertise includes bottom-up scientific and financial analysis on companies across therapeutic areas and across a spectrum of market capitalizations.

He focuses on drug development, intellectual property, FDA and EMA regulations, reimbursement coverage and clinical science. He conducted postdoctoral research at Mayo Clinic on the epigenetic causes of cancer and at Los Angeles Biomedical Research Institute on the molecular mechanisms concerning the role of human bone marrow stem cells in normal and leukemic hematopoiesis.

He received a doctoral degree from Bowling Green State University and an MBA from University of California, San Diego.

In this 2,755 word interview, exclusively in the Wall Street Transcript, Dr. Raja reviews microcap biotech stocks for the ones that will survive and thrive, and therefore create multiple return opportunities for investors.

“One of the companies would be Atreca (NASDAQ:BCEL). This is a company that went public last year. What this company is doing is it samples the blood from cancer patients who respond to treatments, and then, they sequence the B cells of these patients to find antibodies that are specifically expressed in these patients.

And then, they try to see whether these antibodies are able to bind to the cancer tissue from other patients.

So they are trying to screen the immune system of cancer patients who respond to treatments to find new treatments, which will respond across different cancers.

They already have a candidate in the clinic. They are undergoing Phase I clinical trials this year. We will have more data from this company by the end of this year.”

“Another company would be Medicenna (OTCMKTS:MDNAF). This is a company that is focusing on leveraging cytokines to target cancers. They have a drug that targets IL-4. So IL-4 is a cytokine. The IL-4 receptor is expressed in a lot of brain cancers.

What Medicenna is doing is they have a drug that is conjugated to IL-4. This drug specifically binds to the cancer cells, which express the IL-4 receptor. And then, it introduces a toxin into these cancer cells so that only the cancer cells are killed. They have promising Phase II data. And this drug is expected to enter pivotal Phase III trials this year.

They also have a huge platform with a focus on cytokines. They also have an IL-2, which is in focus because Synthorx got acquired earlier. So they also have an IL-2, which is being developed. The focus is to increase the efficacy of the checkpoint inhibitor.”

Read the entire 2,755 word interview and get the many other top tier return opportunities identified by Dr. Kumaraguru Raja is a Senior Biotech Analyst at Brookline Capital Markets, exclusively in the Wall Street Transcript.