Diffusion Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ:DFFN) Creates a Treatment to Improve Oxygenation

September 25, 2020

Robert Cobuzzi is the new CEO at Diffusion Pharmaceuticals Inc. He was a company director since January 2020. He is currently adviser to the Mitochondrial Disease Frontier Program at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and Chairman of Sunstone Life Science Venture’s Business Development Board. From 2005 until 2018, he worked in senior roles at Endo International Plc, most recently as President, Endo Ventures Limited in Dublin, Ireland.

Dr. Cobuzzi was a member of the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Industry Trade Advisory Committee on Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Health/Science Products and Services, and was a board member for two development-stage medical device companies.

He received an A.B. degree in biochemistry and art history from Colby College as well as a Ph.D. in molecular and cellular biochemistry from Loyola University Chicago.

In this 3,168 word interview, exclusive to the Wall Street Transcript, Dr. Cobuzzi explains the sustainable competitive advantage of his public biotech company.

“We are looking at ways to improve the oxygenation of tissue and organs. The animal studies and the initial human studies have provided interesting and compelling data while showing an excellent safety profile.

No issues with tolerability have occurred through the clinical experiences to date. Further, we have been able to identify evidence of efficacy.

And now, amidst this horrible COVID pandemic, we have the ability to test patients and hopefully come up with a treatment that can address this issue of multi-organ failure related to a lack of oxygen becoming available because of lung damage associated with the disease.”

“The current plan is to do a large multinational trial in both Europe and the U.S. to make sure that we can accrue patients at a sufficiently rapid rate and yet have all the adequate procedures in place from a medical standpoint to ensure consistent treatment amongst all the patients and ensure that we obtain quality data.

We must file for regulatory approval to conduct such a bilateral trial in both the U.S. and Europe.

We envision our current study will give us a topline data readout sometime in the mid-late fourth quarter of this year — clinical studies being what they are — and that we would hopefully be able to get the next study going sometime in the early part of 2021.”

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