Abivax SA (OTCMKTS:AAVXF) Ulcerative Colitis Treatment Also Being Tested for Rheumatoid Arthritis

March 24, 2022
Philippe Pouletty is the Founder and Chairman of Abivax

Philippe Pouletty, Founder and Chairman, Abivax

Philippe Pouletty, M.D., is Founder and Chairman of Abivax and Co-founder and CEO of Truffle Capital. Dr. Pouletty has a strong background in Europe and the United States (including Silicon Valley) and is a pioneer in the biotechnology and medical devices sector.

As an entrepreneur, he founded/co-founded among others: Carmat, Deinove, Abivax, Pharnext, Vexim — Truffle portfolio companies.

As an inventor, Dr. Pouletty has filed 32 patents, one of which is the second-highest revenue generator in life sciences for Stanford University, earning him membership in Stanford’s prestigious Invention Hall of Fame in 2012.

Dr. Pouletty was Chairman of France Biotech from 2001 to 2009, and has held the title of Honorary Chairman since 2009. He conceived the Jeune Entreprise Innovante (JEI) program to boost the development of young and innovative companies in France.

Philippe Pouletty is a medical doctor, former resident in haematology and immunology in Parisian hospitals, and was a postdoctoral researcher (1986-1988) at Stanford University.

He was the 1999 winner of the American Liver Foundation award. Dr. Pouletty has been awarded Chevalier de la Légion d’Honneur.

Professor Hartmut Ehrlich is the CEO of Abivax

Professor Hartmut Ehrlich, CEO, Abivax

Professor Hartmut J. Ehrlich, M.D., is Chief Executive Officer of Abivax.

Professor Ehrlich is a physician with 30 years of experience in academia and in the biopharmaceutical industry, 20 of which were in product development at Baxter and Sandoz (now Novartis).

He has lived and worked in the United States (Eli Lilly and Indiana University, Dept. of Medicine), the Netherlands (Central Laboratory of the Dutch Red Cross), Germany (Max Planck Foundation, Sandoz, Baxter), Switzerland (Sandoz), Austria (Baxter) and France (Abivax).

Over the seven years before joining Abivax, Prof. Ehrlich, as Head of Global R&D, successfully built and advanced Baxter BioScience’s R&D portfolio with over 50 programs in preclinical and clinical development.

He drove the regulatory approval of key biologics in the specialty areas of hemophilia, thrombosis, immunology, neurology, oncology, biosurgery and vaccines, thereby bringing novel therapies to patients with substantial medical needs.

Hartmut Ehrlich has authored and co-authored over 120 peer-reviewed articles and book chapters.

Didier Blondel is the EVP, Chief Financial Officer and Board Secretary of Abivax

Didier Blondel, EVP, CFO, Abivax

Didier Blondel is EVP, Chief Financial Officer and Board Secretary of Abivax. Mr. Blondel was Chief Financial Officer at Sanofi Pasteur MSD, a Lyon-based joint venture between Sanofi and Merck, and European leader in human vaccines, since 2012.

During the previous 20-year period, Mr. Blondel held a wide scope of senior finance positions at Sanofi, in Commercial Operations and then R&D, where he became Global R&D CFO. He started his career as an auditor at Price Waterhouse Coopers, after graduating from the Commercial Institute of Nancy (ICN), a leading French Business School.

He also holds a master in finance and accounting degree from University of Nancy, as well as a Professional Certificate in Finance and Accounting (DESCF).

These three top executives from Abivax SA (OTCMKTS:AAVXF) explain the tremendous upside in their company in this 2,796 word interview, exclusively in the Wall Street Transcript.

I think we should be clear that ABX464 carries more than 90% of the value of Abivax and is, in our view, more than a treatment for ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease.

Based on very promising Phase IIa results in rheumatoid arthritis, ABX464 is a compound that can potentially be used for the treatment of a number of chronic inflammatory diseases.

Annual pharmaceutical revenues in this group of diseases are currently adding up to over $100 billion in the G7 countries, meaning the U.S., Japan and the five largest European countries.

Revenues for moderate to severe ulcerative colitis — biologics, JAKs and S1P — alone were around $6 billion per year in G7 countries in 2021 and are expected to grow to more than $10 billion by 2026, the year we are planning to launch our product on the market.

For Crohn’s disease, a disease similar to ulcerative colitis in many ways, the market is currently at around $13 billion in pharmaceutical sales, and expected to grow by about 15% by 2026.

Rheumatoid arthritis, another chronic inflammatory disease that we are tackling, is by itself already around $22 billion in pharmaceutical sales.

While our current priority is clearly the initiation of the pivotal Phase III program in ulcerative colitis, Abivax plans to ultimately address all three indications, with the launch of a Phase III study in ulcerative colitis, a Phase IIb in rheumatoid arthritis and a pivotal Phase IIb in Crohn’s disease.

These three diseases represent, by the time ABX464 gets to the market in 2026, a potential of roughly $50 billion per year in G7 pharmaceutical sales.”

Get the complete strategy for increasing shareholder value in Abivax (AAVXF) by reading the entire 2,796 word interview, exclusively in the Wall Street Transcript.