Hospira (HSP) to Overcome FDA Setbacks and See Recovery

March 8, 2013

Hospira (HSP), the leader in generic injectable drugs, recently encountered a setback with the FDA that lead to a closure of one of its primary manufacturing facilities, but the company should be able to recover with its strong leadership, says J. Jeffrey Auxier, President and CEO of Auxier Asset Management, LLC.

“They’ve got a strong, experienced operator in CEO Michael Ball who came from Allergan (AGN) in 2011. We think the odds are high that the problems will be solved and the recovery highs will be well worth the wait,” Auxier said.

Auxier uses HSP as an example of the type of stock he likes to get in early on for the double or triple play, because though the stock was crushed into the high $20s, Hospira‘s problem is fixable.

“In today’s world, a somewhat invisible but lethal risk is the loss of purchasing power. Again, it is imperative to work harder to aim for the double or triple play on all our investments, and we need to get adequately compensated for the risk,” Auxier said.