Lazard (LAZ) Expert Analyst Sees Flash Technology as Big Benefit to Fusion-io (FIO)

September 18, 2012

Edward Parker of Lazard Capital Markets states that “new storage systems based on Flash technology” are developing quickly.

“I think that Flash technology has the potential to be extremely disruptive. Fusion-io (FIO) has been, by far, the most prominent emerging vendor to leverage Flash technology, but there are dozens of companies in Silicon Valley and elsewhere that have innovative products. ” This development has significant impact on storage media companies like EMC Corporation (EMC) and others Mr. Parker goes on to state: “as Flash emerges and pricing comes down, I think you’re going to see not only adoption of Flash in traditional systems, but you’re going to see newer systems as well as older parts of the IT stock being rearchitected to really take advantage of the performance properties of Flash media.”