RealNetworks CEO Leaves in Midst of Turnaround

March 29, 2011

In what many analysts consider a surprise, Bob Kimball, RealNetworks’ CEO and a real force in turning the troubled company in a new direction after little more than one year has abruptly resigned.  So far, Kimball has not really commented on his move.  According to the firm’s press release outgoing CEO Kimball stated:Bob Kimball, Outgoing CEO

I took on this role to lead a restructuring and transformation of RealNetworks into a more lean, efficient Mike Lunsford, interim CEOand effective business and we have completed that phase of RealNetworks’ transformation. Over the past year we have simplified our business, removed more than $70 million in annualized operating expenses and created an entirely new, award-winning product called Unifi.  We are delivering on our promise to build products people love.  All this work has set the stage for Real to embark on its next phase with a clean bill of health and a strong foundation.