Illumina, Inc. (ILMN) Anchors Leading Position in DNA Sequencing Market

May 27, 2014

Managing Director Diane Wehner of Teton Advisors believes Illumina, Inc. (ILMN) will continue to benefit from its exposure to the genetics sequencing segment.

“[Illumina] is a medical technology company that’s a leader in instruments used in genetic sequencing. DNA sequencing is a rapidly growing segment within health care, as the industry moves toward what we’ve all been hearing about in personalized medicine,” Wehner said.


Illumina, Inc.’s stock is up 27% year to date and has appreciated over 270% in the past five years, Wehner says. As Illumina continues to innovate, she expects the company to solidify itself as leader in the space.

“They introduced 12 new game-changing products and services at the beginning of this year, which solidifies their technology lead in this space where they face very little competition. We expect the momentum to continue for the company in this subsegment of health care, which is conservatively estimated to reach about $20-plus billion in the next couple of years,” Wehner said.