Insulet Corporation (PODD) to Release Insulin Pump for People With Type II Diabetes in 2015

March 24, 2014

Insulet Corporation CFO Brian Roberts says the company is working to launch a new version of its OmniPod insulin pump that is specifically designed for people with Type II diabetes. Roberts says Insulet plans to file for clearance of the new product with the FDA this year, and hopes to bring the pump to market in 2015.

“Back this past spring, we signed a partnership with Eli Lilly and Company. And that partnership was for us to modify our software, our hand-held of our insulin pump system, to design a version of the pump, which should be used with their Humulin U-500 insulin — which is a more concentrated, more potent form of insulin,” Roberts says. “That insulin is typically geared towards people living with Type II diabetes, who usually are more highly insulin-resistant, and therefore, require more insulin per day.”


Roberts says people with Type II diabetes typically need more insulin each day compared to people with Type I diabetes. He says as insulin doses increase, compliance with a prescribed regiment tends to decrease. He hopes the new version of the OmniPod pump could help to solve that problem.

“People wouldn’t want to keep giving themselves more doses or maybe more shots, and so compliance would drop,” he says. “But being able to leverage the OmniPod for those patients using U-500 insulin, you can reduce the amount of insulin they need to take over the course of a day, and again, hopefully improve compliance.