Technology >> CEO Interviews >> August 24, 2009

Waytronx, Inc. – William Clough (wynx)

William Clough is President and CEO of Waytronx, Inc. He previously served as Executive Vice President for two years, during which time he spearheaded the research and development of the company's WayCool Technology, including the HydroJet licensing agreement with major customers like OCZ Technology Group, Inc. Before joining Waytronx, Mr. Clough, an attorney and former law enforcement officer, operated his own law firm for 14 years, representing leading movie studios and media conglomerates with offices in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Honolulu. Mr. Clough received his J.D. "cum laude" from Hastings College of the Law in 1990. Profile
TWST: Would you give us a historical sketch of the company and bring us up to

the present?

Mr. Clough: Waytronx became a public company about eight or nine years ago. It

was started in 1999