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Virtualization & Performance App Software – Gabriel Lowy – Noble Financial Group, Inc.

Gabriel Lowy brings more than 20 years of experience to the Noble Financial research team. Consistently recognized as a leading analyst by Starmine, "Best of the Street" by The Wall Street Journal and ranked in 2004 as the "Best Analyst in America" by Forbes, Mr. Lowy has gained a reputation for framing and articulating macro sector views in a way few other analysts have accomplished. Throughout his career as a technology analyst, he has developed proprietary valuation models, advised managements on strategic market and financing options, and performed valuation analysis and opinions on M&A proposals and transactions. Over the years, he has written and published more than 300 market and competitive research products to a distinguished international institutional client base. Mr. Lowy received both his B.S. and MBA in strategic planning from NYU. Profile
TWST: Where are you focusing your attention at this point? It's somewhat of a broad space.

Mr. Lowy: It is a broad space. We define ourselves as enterprise and infrastructure software specialists. Our