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Todd Chuckry – Request Seismic Surveys Ltd (

TODD A. CHUCKRY, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of ReQuest Seismic Surveys Ltd., began his career in the oil and gas industry in 1980, working for Dyad Data Services Inc. and Petroseis Energy Surveys Ltd. in the area of marketing. In December 1989, he founded and incorporated ReQuest Seismic Surveys Ltd. with Alexander Chuckry, and began aggressively marketing ReQuest's products and services. Mr. Chuckry amalgamated ReQuest with Red Hand Resources Ltd. and Pre-Seis Seismic Surveys Ltd. in August 1997, and took the corporation public in October 1997. Subsequently, he spearheaded the acquisition of Prime Brokerage Consultants Ltd. and Trade Data Brokerage Ltd. in January 1998 and August 1999, respectively. Mr. Chuckry is also President and a shareholder of Western Seismic Exchange (1996) Ltd., a seismic data management firm located in Calgary. In 1994, Mr. Chuckry formed the Canadian Geophysical Brokers Association and has held the office of President of the association since its inception. He is married with four children. Profile
TWST: Could you start us off with a brief overview and profile on

ReQuest Seismic Surveys?

Mr. Chuckry: I can start with a little background history on the company

itself ' it was founded in