Technology >> CEO Interviews >> July 3, 2000

Scott Broomfield – Centura Software Corporation (cntr)

SCOTT R. BROOMFIELD is the Chief Executive Officer of Mbrane, the enterprise software membrane company. With an MBA in Finance from Santa Clara University's Levy School of Business and over 20 years of turnaround experience, Mr. Broomfield is a specialist in Corporate Adaptation. Before heading Mbrane Software, he was an active partner at Hickey and Hill Inc., an investment and management group. Prior to that he was Operations Manager at DEC, responsible for thin film manufacturing supporting the VAX 9000 Mainframe product from inception to shipment. Prior, he was DEC's Controller for their Silicon Valley manufacturing operations. Mr. Broomfield is active outside of Mbrane as well. He is an active member of BENS (Business Executives for National Security), the e-world security initiative. He is also involved as the Chairman of the Council of Growing Companies for Silicon Valley, a peer to peer CEO exclusive group. Editors Note: The change of Centura Software's company name to Mbrane is pending shareholder approval. Profile
TWST: Give us an overview of Centura Corporation ' the company's

history, products, services, and customers.

Mr. Broomfield: The company was founded in 1984. We're the 17th largest