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S.belgrad / L.starr – Janus Capital Group (jns)

STEVE BELGRAD is Vice President of Finance and Strategy for Janus Capital Management LLC. He is responsible for the company's investor relations, strategy and corporate development, as well as its budget and planning functions. Prior to joining Janus in May 2003, he worked at Morgan Stanley for 18 years. Most recently, he covered the asset management sector as Executive Director in Morgan Stanley's Investment Banking Group. From 1994- 1998, he was Head of Strategy for Morgan Stanley when it acquired Miller Anderson & Sherrerd and Van Kampen Investments and merged with Dean Witter. Mr. Belgrad received his Bachelor of Arts degree from Princeton Univesity in 1985 and his MBA from Harvard Univeristy in 1990. Profile
LOREN M. STARR is Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Janus Capital Group and a member of Janus' Management Committee. He oversees corporate accounting, financial planning, treasury, taxes, fund accounting and investor relations for Janus. He came to Janus in 2001 from Putnam Investments, where he was head of corporate finance. Prior to his tenure at Putnam, Mr. Starr worked in corporate finance at Lehman Brothers and at Morgan Stanley & Co. Mr. Starr graduated summa cum laude from Columbia Unitersity with a BS in Industrial Engineering and a BA in Chemistry in 1984. He also graduated with an MBA from Columbia Business School in 1987 and an MS in Operations Research from Carnegie Mellon University in 1990. Profile
TWST: Could we start out with a brief history and overview of

Janus Capital?

Mr. Starr: Janus was founded in 1969 by Tom Bailey. In 1984,

Kansas City Southern Industries bought an ownership