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Richard Cancelmo Jr. – Bridgeway Capital Management

RICHARD P. CANCELMO JR. is the portfolio manager of the Bridgeway Balanced Portfolio and has been head of equity trading for Bridgeway Capital Management, Inc., since February 2000. He earned a Bachelor's degree from Washington and Lee University. Mr. Cancelmo has been involved in the securities markets since 1980 when he started his career on the options floor of the Philadelphia Stock Exchange. He later worked for Rotan Mosle, Inc., on the options trading desk and in the brokerage area at Paine Webber, Inc. Before joining Bridgeway, Mr. Cancelmo was President of Cancelmo Capital Management, Inc., and the West University Fund, Inc. Profile
TWST: Can you begin with a brief overview of Bridgeway Capital

Management and your responsibilities there?

Mr. Cancelmo: Bridgeway Capital Management is a registered

investment advisor. We