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R.keith Cullinan – Cullinan Associates Inc

R. KEITH CULLINAN is President and Chief Investment Officer of Cullinan Associates, Inc. Prior to founding Cullinan Associates, Inc., he was Executive Vice President and head of the trust department at S.Y. Bancorp. Mr. Cullinan also served as the first President and CEO of New Covenant Trust Company, NA, the trust company established by the Presbyterian Church (USA) Foundation. He is also President of Will Manuel Service, a legal publishing firm that produces annotated form books for attorneys nationwide. Mr. Cullinan holds a BA with honors from Yale University and a JD with honors from the University of Louisville School of Law. Profile
TWST: Can you begin with an overview of Cullinan Associates and your

particular style of writing covered options?

Mr. Cullinan: Our firm specializes in writing covered call options