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Pairing Value and Momentum to Survive the Tough Periods

Ott, David
David Ott is the CIO and one of the founding members of Acropolis Investment Management. Mr. Ott serves on the executive committee of the board of trustees for his alma mater, Whitfield School; the Friends of St. Louis Public Radio Board; the board of trustees for St. Louis City Academy; and the vestry at the Church of St. Michael & St. George. He also writes on finance for Seeking Alpha and Morningstar. He was the Treasurer during his tenure on the board of directors for Craft Alliance. Mr. Ott earned a B.A. in political science from Franklin & Marshall College in Pennsylvania. Profile
TWST: Please tell me about Acropolis Investment’s philosophy and strategy.

Mr. Ott: That’s a broad question. Basically, we think that markets are mostly efficient but not perfectly