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Owen Kratz – Cal Dive Int’l (cdis)

OWEN KRATZ is Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Cal Dive International, Inc. He was appointed Chairman in May 1998 and has served as the company's Chief Executive Officer since April 1997. Mr. Kratz served as President from 1993 until February 1999, and a Director since 1990. He served as Chief Operating Officer from 1990 through 1997. Mr. Kratz joined the company in 1984 and has held various offshore positions, including saturation (SAT) diving supervisor, and management responsibility for client relations, marketing and estimating. From 1982 to 1983, Mr. Kratz was the owner of an independent marine construction company operating in the Bay of Campeche. Prior to 1982, he was a superintendent for Santa Fe and various international diving companies and a saturation diver in the North Sea. Profile
TWST: Could we start out with a history and overview of Cal Dive?

Mr. Kratz: The original Cal Dive of the 1960s, through mergers and

acquisitions, became what is today Oceaneering. In 1980 the