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ROBERT P. MAHOWALD manages research in the areas of messaging and collaboration for IDC, as part of IDC's Collaborative Computing practice. Of special focus to him are instant messaging, unified messaging/communications, standalone e-mail and related applications, content and document delivery, and conferencing applications and services. Mr. Mahowald's writing forecasts these markets, and identifies trends and developments affecting related vendors, technologies, and products. Mr. Mahowald serves as a subject matter expert for various publications and trade journals, such as The Wall Street Journal, USAToday, The New York Times, and Investor's Business Daily, and is a frequent speaker on messaging trends and technology at various industry seminars and conferences such as InternetWorld. Mr. Mahowald has also been a guest on such television programs as CNBC and CNET TV. Prior to joining IDC, Mr. Mahowald was a media analysis officer within the Department of Defense. Mr. Mahowald earned his BA from the University of Iowa, in Iowa City, Iowa., and his MA from Wesleyan University, in Middletown, Connecticut. Profile
TWST: Let's look at the big picture. What's gone on in conferencing over

the past year or two that is important from your perspective?

Mr. Mahowald: There's been a great deal of market