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Outlook For Assisted Living : Andrew A. Gitkin – Salomon Smith Barney

ANDREW A. GITKIN, Executive Director, joined UBS Warburg in November 2000 as a Senior Biotechnology Analyst. Mr. Gitkin's area of coverage consists of companies in the therapeutic categories of cancer and central nervous system disorders. Prior to his employment at UBS Warburg, Mr. Gitkin was a Senior Vice President at PaineWebber, where he worked since March 1999. At PaineWebber, Mr. Gitkin was a Senior Healthcare Analyst. Prior to his employment at PaineWebber, Mr. Gitkin was a Vice President at Salomon Smith Barney, where he worked since July 1994. There, his coverage responsibilities included medical technology/devices and healthcare services. In total, Mr. Gitkin possesses more than six years of experience following various components of the healthcare sector. During the past three years, Mr. Gitkin was one of the top three rated long-term care analysts according to the Greenwich Associates poll of research analysts. Most recently, Mr. Gitkin was ranked as one of the top 10 healthcare analysts according to Institutional Investor magazine. Furthermore, in 1998, Mr. Gitkin was named as one of the top 40 professionals in New York according to Crain's magazine's Forty Under Forty Poll. Mr. Gitkin received his BBA from Emory University, where he graduated with distinction. Profile
TWST: Assisted living is emerging as a viable and growing sector of

health care. Tell us how investors can participate in the growth of the

sector, and why these are stocks that they should want to