Technology >> CEO Interviews >> February 18, 2002

Morris Young – Axt Inc (axti)

MORRIS S. YOUNG co-founded AXT, Inc., in 1986 and has served as chairman of its board of directors since February 1998 and president and chief executive officer, as well as a director, since 1989. From 1985 to 1989, Dr. Young was a physicist at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. Dr. Young holds a bachelor of science degree in metallurgical engineering from Chengkung University, Taiwan, a master of science degree in metallurgy from Syracuse University and a PhD in metallurgy from Polytechnic University. Profile
TWST: Would you start with a brief overview of the history and evolution

of AXT?

Dr. Young: AXT was founded in 1986 to commercialize a method of growing

gallium arsenide and indium phosphide.