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Michael Hartzmark – Cragar Industries Inc (crgr)

MICHAEL L. HARTZMARK, Chairman and CEO of Cragar Industries, Inc., joined the company as a full-time employee in May 1993 and served as its President and Chief Executive Officer since June 4, 1993 and as a Director from January 1, 1993. He relinquished the Presidency of the company in November 1999. Prior to joining the company, Dr. Hartzmark was an economic consultant as President of EconOhio Corporation and a financial consultant as President of MDA Financial, Inc. EconOhio wrote business plans for and provided advice to a variety of companies. MDA provided financial consulting services to small and medium-sized companies, as well as assistance to oil and gas and real estate limited partnerships. From 1987 to 1989, Dr. Hartzmark was Senior Economist at Lexecon Inc., a Chicago-based economics and law consulting firm. Dr. Hartzmark was the John M. Olin Visiting Scholar at the University of Chicago and an Assistant Professor at the University of Michigan. He has also worked for the Treasury Department and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission. Dr. Hartzmark earned his MA and PhD degrees in Economics at the University of Chicago. He holds a BA in Economics from the University of Michigan. Profile
TWST: Can we start out with a history and a quick overview of CRAGAR?

Dr. Hartzmark: In the early 1930s, Crane Gartz founded the company,

which obviously explains how the name 'CRAGAR' was