Technology >> CEO Interviews >> November 29, 1999

Matthew S. Galvez – Nematron Corporation (nmn)

MATTHEW S. GALVEZ, President and CEO of Nematron Corporation, joined the firm in September 1998 and in his position, he is responsible for overseeing the day to day operations. Mr. Galvez was formerly the CEO of ISDA & Co., an apparel company whose products are sold throughout North America. During his two-year tenure there he was responsible for delivering that firm's first profitable year and for more than doubling sales. From 1990 to 1993, he was a Director, Principal and CFO of Manufacturers Products Corp., an OEM manufacturer. In 1994, Mr. Galvez was Corporate Operations and General Council ' to General CAD/CAM, Inc. (GCI). GCI was a developer and vendor of graphics translation software for Fortune 1000 industrials and their management of the business. He also served as that company's key strategic planning executive. In this position, Mr. Galvez gained a thorough knowledge of the software market. He holds degrees from McGill University, Bachelors of Science, Union College, M.B.A. and Syracuse University, J.D. Profile
TWST: Could the both of you begin by giving us a brief overview of

Nematron Corporation, the company's history, products, services,

customers, those kinds of things?

Mr. Galvez: Before I go