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Mario D. Cibelli – Marathon Partners L.p.

MARIO D. CIBELLI is the General Partner of Marathon Partners L.P., an Investment Partnership focused on less efficient areas of the marketplace. The partnership follows sectors such as spin-offs, orphan IPOs, reverse mergers, rights offerings, re-caps, limited 'float' securities, bankruptcies, post bankruptcies, partnership securities, mutual owned conversions, small capitalization securities and inactive or 'pink sheet' traded securities. Prior to launching Marathon Partners L.P., Mario worked at Robotti & Company, Prudential Securities and Gabelli & Company. Today, he remains affiliated with Robotti & Company. Mario graduated from Binghamton University with a B.S. degree in Finance. Mario is married and living in New York City. Profile
TWST: In a previous interview you mentioned that you were not so much

concerned with defining your investment style, but defining the

qualities that you valued. Will you would begin this interview