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Leonard Bluhm – Nrg Energy, Inc. (nrg)

LEONARD BLUHM is Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of NRG Energy, Inc. Mr. Bluhm's financial experience spans over 25 years with electric power generation businesses such as NRG Energy, Inc., its former affiliate Cogen-America Corporation (CogenAmerica) and NRG's parent organization, Xcel energy (previously Northern States Power Company). His strong energy background has been complemented with senior-level involvement in strategy development and implementation as well as international operations. Previous NRG positions held by Mr. Bluhm include Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Vice President-Finance, Director of International Operations and Manager of Acquisitions and Special Projects. Prior to his association with NRG in 1991, Mr. Bluhm held numerous positions in the finance area of NSP, having joined NSP in 1971. Mr. Bluhm holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Accounting and a Master's degree in Business Administration, both from the University of Minnesota (USA). Mr. Bluhm is a member of various Boards including COBEE, NEO, and MEC and is a member of committees serving other US and international interests of NRG. Profile
TWST: Can we start out with a quick overview of NRG Energy?

Mr. Bluhm: NRG is a competitive power producer. By that we mean that we

are in the business of owning and operating power production