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L.friday / R.king – King Investment Advisors Inc

ROGER E. KING, Chairman and President of King Investment Advisors, Inc., has been with the firm 22 years and has 32 years of experience in investment management. A CFA and Chartered Investment Counselor, he has a BA in Business Administration from Lipscomb University, an MA in Political Science from Middle Tennessee State University, and he was a National Science Fellow at Cornell University. King Investment Advisors, Inc., was established in 1981, and Mr. King has served as President since 1986. Before co-founding the firm, he was Senior Vice President and Chief Investment Officer with Sun Life Group/Sun Insurance Services in Atlanta, managing $700 million in securities. He served in a similar capacity with GULFCO Capital Management (Gulf Life Holding Company), and he began his investment career with the American General companies. He served two years as President of the Jacksonville, Florida Financial Analysts' Society. He is Chairman of the Investment Advisory Group, Chief Investment Officer, a senior portfolio manager and a securities analyst. He is also a member of the Houston Society of Financial Analysts. Profile
LEAH R. FRIDAY is a Senior Vice President, portfolio manager, and securities analyst for King Investment Advisors, Inc. She has been with the firm eight years and has 11 years of experience in the investment business. A CFA charterholder and a Chartered Investment Counselor, she is a graduate of Texas A&M University with a BS in Economics. Before joining King Investment Advisors, she was a research analyst for Capital Research & Management in Los Angeles. As an analyst for King, she has followed the healthcare and retail industries for the last eight years. She authors the firm's quarterly portfolio analysis publication, KING Portfolio Review, and has been both author and contributing author of The Decision Maker, a quarterly commentary on the financial markets and the economic environment. Her articles on the firm's equity holdings are widely distributed to major brokerage firms within the industry. Currently, she serves as an officer and Board member of the Houston Society of Financial Analysts and is the current Chair of the organization's Education Committee. Profile
TWST: Could we start out with a quick overview of King Investment


Mr. King: The firm is in its 23rd year. We are an investment advisor

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