Financial Services >> CEO Interviews >> May 21, 2001

John W. Ennest – Citizens Banking Corp. (cbcf)

JOHN W. ENNEST is Vice Chairman, Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer of Citizens Banking Corporation. He joined Citizens Bank in 1983 as Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer and was later named Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer. He was appointed President and CEO of the bank in 1987, before being named Vice Chairman and COO of Citizens Banking Corporation in 1991. In 1995 he assumed his present position with the company. Mr. Ennest was Director of Strategic Planning for NBD Bancorp, the parent holding company of National Bank of Detroit, before joining Citizens Bank. Prior to his appointment as Strategic Planning Director, he was Vice President and Assistant Comptroller of NBD. In addition to his career in banking, in 1979 Mr. Ennest participated in the President's Executive Exchange Program which offers individuals from private industry the opportunity to work for the federal government for one year. In this capacity he served during the Carter Administration as Deputy Administrator of Farmers Home Administration, an agency of the US Department of Agriculture. Mr. Ennest received his undergraduate degree at the University of Detroit and a Master's degree in Business Administration from Michigan State University. Profile
TWST: Could you provide us with an overview and profile of Citizens

Banking Corp.?

Mr. Ennest: The holding company was incorporated in 1980 and started to

expand through acquisitions in 1984