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John Prufeta – Medix Resources Inc (mxr)

JOHN R. PRUFETA has been the President and Chief Executive Officer of Medix Resources, Inc., a publicly held technology company, since March 1, 2000. A member of the Medix Board of Directors since April, 1999, Mr. Prufeta additionally serves as Chairman of the Board of Medix subsidiary, Cymedix Lynx Corporation. Prior to his appointment at Medix, Mr. Prufeta was Managing General Partner of OnPoint Partners, a national healthcare services firm, from 1989-2000. Mr. Prufeta currently serves as Chairman of the Board of OnPoint Partners, a national healthcare development firm. He is an Advisory Board Member of The National Managed Healthcare Congress and is a Trustee of Silvercrest Extended Care and Director of Silvercrest Services, both subsidiaries of The New York- Presbyterian Health System. He is a graduate from the Executive Program, OPM28, at Harvard University's Graduate School of Business. Profile
TWST: Could we begin with a brief historical sketch of Medix Resources

and then a picture of what you're doing at the present time?

Mr. Prufeta: Medix Resources is a healthcare technology firm