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John Nikkel – Unit Corporation (unt)

JOHN NIKKEL joined Unit Corporation in 1983 as its President and a Director. On July 1, 2001, Mr. Nikkel was elected to the office of Chief Executive Officer, and effective August 1, 2003, he has served as Unit's Chairman of the Board of Directors. From 1976 until January 1982 when he co-founded Nike Exploration Company, Mr. Nikkel was an officer and Director of Cotton Petroleum Corporation, serving as the President of Cotton from 1979 until his departure. Prior to joining Cotton, Mr. Nikkel was employed by Amoco Production Company for 18 years, last serving as Division Geologist for Amoco's Denver Division. Mr. Nikkel presently serves as President and a Director of Nike Exploration Company. Mr. Nikkel received a Bachelor of Science degree in Geology and Mathematics from Texas Christian University. Profile
TWST: Could you give us an overview of Unit Corporation and the area

where you're currently operating?

Mr. Nikkel: Unit Corporation has two primary subsidiaries. One is Unit

Drilling Company,