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John Forsgren – Northeast Utilities System (nu)

JOHN H. FORSGREN is Vice Chairman of the Board, Executive Vice President, and Chief Financial Officer of the Northeast Utilities System. He is responsible for NU's Financial Organization which includes: Treasury, Accounting, Budgeting, Financial Planning, Information Technology and Strategic Planning functions. He is also responsible for the Unregulated Organization which includes: Wholesale Marketing, Select Energy and Select Energy Services, Inc. Mr. Forsgren earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from Georgetown University in 1967, a Master of Business Administration from Columbia University in 1969 and a Master's degree in International Finance from the University of Geneva (Switzerland) in 1972. Mr. Forsgren joined NU in 1996. Previously, he held a number of positions in corporate finance. He worked for 11 years at Sperry Corporation, advancing to Vice President and Treasurer and joined The Walt Disney Company in 1986 as Vice President-Treasurer. In 1990, Mr. Forsgren was appointed Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Euro-Disney, and, in 1995, joined the Chase Manhattan Bank as Managing Director ' Corporate Finance, serving the media and telecommunications industries. Mr. Forsgren is a Trustee of the Georgetown University Library and on the Board of Regents of the University. He also is active in a number of environmental and historic-preservation groups in New England and has served as Director of several fund-management organizations. Mr. Forsgren was elected to the Board of Trustees of Northeast Utilities in May 2000. In addition, since 1997 he has served as a Director of NorthEast Optic Network, Inc., a fiber optic telecom carrier serving the Northeast US and Circle Trust Company of Stamford, Connecticut, an investment management company. Profile
TWST: Can we start out with a quick overview of Northeast Utilities?

Mr. Forsgren: We have continued to execute our strategy of transitioning

the company from an integrated, regulated utility