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JEFFREY LYMBURNER is Chief Executive Officer of ADB Systems International Ltd. Mr. Lymburner co-founded Bid.Com in 1995 and served as President and CEO. The company was renamed ADB Systems International in October 2001. Prior to the founding of Bid.Com, Mr. Lymburner was President, from 1990 to 1995, of Completely Mobile Inc., a company that he started and grew to five high profile retail outlets. In the 1980s, Mr. Lymburner held senior management positions with responsibilities for advertising, purchasing, store management, sales management and strategic planning for Multitech Warehouse Direct, a national consumer electronics retail chain. Mr. Lymburner helped build this retail chain from the startup level to approximately 50 stores and annual revenues in excess of $100 million. Mr. Lymburner began his professional career as a Systems Engineer with IBM in 1978. Profile
TWST: We'd like to begin with a brief historical sketch of ADB Systems

International Ltd., and a picture of what you are doing at the present


Mr. Lymburner: We began, principally, as an