Consumer >> CEO Interviews >> December 25, 2000

Jay Poole – Philip Morris Management Corporation (mo)

JAY S. POOLE serves as the Vice President, Corporate Communications at Philip Morris Management Corporation. He joined Philip Morris in 1987 and, before being named to his current post in 2000, he served as Vice President, Agriculture Relations, and then External Affairs, based in Richmond, Virginia. Mr. Poole, now based in New York, is responsible for establishing and maintaining pro-active communications initiatives at Philip Morris Companies, Inc. Prior to joining Philip Morris, Mr. Poole was Legislative Assistant to U. S. Senator Mitch McConnell for agricultural, tobacco and trade matters for three years. He joined the USDA in 1978 as a County Executive Director in Russell County, Virginia, where he administered federal farm programs for the county's 2,500 farmers. Mr. Poole graduated from Virginia Tech in 1978 with a degree in Agricultural Education. Profile
TWST: Could we start out with your view as to why corporations need to

be socially responsible?

Mr. Poole: I think corporations have an obligation to be socially

responsible, to make our