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James F. Dannhauser – Premier Parks Inc (pks)

JAMES F. DANNHAUSER became Chief Financial Officer of Premier Parks, Inc. in October 1995 and has served as a Director of the company since December 1992. From 1990 through June 1996, Mr. Dannhauser was a managing director of Legercq, de Neuflize & Co. Incorporated, an investment-banking firm ('Legercq'). Mr. Dannhauser, who is a graduate of Harvard Law School, is a member of the board of directors of Lepercq. He is based at the company's New York City corporate office. Profile
TWST: Could you give us kind of a capsule view of Premier Parks and a

little bit of a history of the company, just to set the stage for the


Mr. Dannhauser: Premier Parks Inc. is the