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Jack Phelan – Helios International Asset Management Inc

JACK P. PHELAN is the President of Helios International Asset Management Inc. His investment experience spans over 25 years as a Security Analyst, Portfolio Manager and Investment Advisor. Before forming Helios, Mr. Phelan was President of Nicholson/Kenny Capital Management. Prior to that, Mr. Phelan was the Managing Director of Acorn Asset Management Corporation's 'Growth and Opportunity' portfolios. Earlier, he was the Founder and for 17 years the President of Phelan Capital Management Corporation, an investment advisory firm located in New York and Westport, Connecticut. Also, during this time, Mr. Phelan was the President and Chief Investment Officer of Citadel Asset Management Company. As a Portfolio Manager, Mr. Phelan has managed investment assets for a wide variety of institutional and individual investors. Mr. Phelan received his BA from Monmouth College, Monmouth, Illinois and further education from Washington University, St. Louis. He is a member of The Association of Investment Management Research, the New York Society of Security Analysts, the Financial Analysts Society of South Florida, the International Society of Financial Analysts and the International Association for Financial Planning. He is also a member of MENSA and The International Society of Philosophical Enquiry. Profile
TWST: Could you start with a brief overview of Helios International

Asset Management and tell us about the assets that you manage?

Mr. Phelan: Our first business was indeed Helios, which is a