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Jack Hayden – Technology Solutions Company (tscc)

JACK N. HAYDEN is President and CEO of Technology Solutions Company. He joined TSC in April, 1992 as a Senior Vice President. He then served as interim CFO for the company during late 1992 and early 1993 before founding TSC's highly successful Enterprise Applications practice in 1994. He later became Group President, responsible for the company's Enterprise Operations and Network Computing (EONC) business group, before taking his current position. Prior to joining TSC, he was a Vice President at Douglas Aircraft Company, a $9.5 billion revenue unit of McDonnell Douglas Corporation, the nation's second largest commercial aircraft manufacturer and largest defense contractor. Mr. Hayden served as Vice President in several business units at Douglas Aircraft, including Financial Management, C-17 Operations, and MD-80 Operations. He was responsible for cost control, capacity and resource planning and participated in the development of initiatives to reduce overhead. As Vice President of Operations, he was responsible for the startup of the C-17 transport aircraft program for the Military Airlift Command that employed 9,000 personnel with an annual budget of $2 billion. He was also one of seven Vice Presidents selected by John McDonnell, CEO, to spearhead the reorganization effort of Douglas Aircraft Company, whereby the entire management staff was restructured under the Senior Vice Presidents. Mr. Hayden received his MS in Business Management from Pepperdine University and his BS in Finance from California State University in Long Beach. In addition, he graduated from the Executive Graduate Program at the University of California in Irvine. Profile
TWST: Could we begin with a brief overview and history of the company?

Mr. Hayden: In 1988, consultants from Arthur Young founded Technology

Solutions Company (TSC) (NASDAQ:TSCC) based on