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Investing In Tsx-listed Companies Levered To Global Growth – Michael B. Decter – Ldic Inc.

Michael B. Decter is the Senior Portfolio Manager, President and CEO of LDIC Inc., and he is a Harvard University-trained Economist. Mr. Decter is also the Author of three financial books: Michael Decter's Million Dollar Strategy, The DRIP Strategy and 10 Good Reasons To Invest In Canada. Mr. Decter's firm, LDIC, provides financial services to high net worth individuals, and it currently has almost $500 million in assets under management. Mr. Decter's primary focus is value investing. Profile
TWST: Please give us a brief background of LDIC.

Mr. Decter: The company originally was the Lawrence Decter Investment Counsel, but is now LDIC, Inc. I founded the firm in 1998 with Jack Lawrence, who