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Investing In The Brazilian Market – Marc Fogassa – Hedgefort Capital Management

Marc Fogassa was born and raised in Brazil, is fluent in Portuguese, was educated in the U.S. (M.I.T., Harvard) and has more than 22 years of investment experience. Mr. Fogassa has substantial experience both as a Portfolio Manager of publicly traded assets and as an Institutional Private Equity and Venture Capital Investor and Board Member to multiple private companies. The experience in private equity investing in which he performed extensive due diligence and analyzed companies from many facets is directly applicable to the mid-cap and small-cap Brazilian-traded companies that the Hedgefort Brazil Fund invests in. Mr. Fogassa is the Founder of Hedgefort Capital Management and the Portfolio Manager of the Hedgefort Brazil Fund. He is also a Board Member of the California Hedge Fund Association. Profile
TWST: Would you begin with an overview of your company and the Hedgefort Brazil Fund?

Mr. Fogassa: Hedgefort Capital Management is a registered investment adviser (RIA) in the United States. A