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Investing In North American Growth Companies – Phil Taller – Bluewater Investment Management Inc.

Phil Taller is a Portfolio Manager at Bluewater Investment Management Inc. He joined the company in December 1998. He began his investment career at Bunting Warburg Inc. in 1991 as a Research Associate. His work involved fundamental analysis of companies in several industries, with a main focus on the oil and gas, transportation and industrial sectors. He left Bunting Warburg to join Jones Heward Investment Management Inc. in 1994. At Jones Heward, he was an Equity Analyst providing recommendations on Canadian equities to a group of portfolio managers. In 1995, he joined Trimark as a Portfolio Manager on the Canadian equities team. He focused on bottom-up company analysis. Appointed a Vice President in 1998, he co-managed $10 billion in North American equities. His undergraduate degree is a Bachelor of Mathematics with a specialization in Computer Science from the University of Waterloo. He worked as a software developer before returning to school to pursue an MBA. He earned his MBA degree from York University in 1991. He earned his Chartered Financial Analyst designation in 1994. Profile
TWST: Phil, would you start with an overview of Bluewater Investment Management?

Mr. Taller: Bluewater was founded in 1994 by a manager who had left Trimark

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