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Investing In Mid-cap Growth – Fred Martin – Disciplined Growth Investors

Fred Martin has 31 years of professional money management experience to serve the clients of Disciplined Growth Investors. A co-founder of the firm, Fred manages the majority of clients' portfolios and leads the firm's investment process serving as chief investment officer. He is directly responsible for equity research along with the firm's other investment professionals. Fred is highly respected by the firm's clients and in the investment management community for his long-term vision and dedication to sound and consistent investment practices. Fred initiated his professional investment career in 1973 as an equity analyst and later as a portfolio manager at Northwestern National Bank of Minneapolis. His entrepreneurial and innovative spirit led him to build from scratch the only office of Mitchell Hutchins Asset Management outside of New York. Fred began the successful process of building his loyal client base and investment management business in 1979. For over an 18-year period Fred managed equity and balanced portfolios for a variety of institutional clients and high net worth individuals. Most importantly during this period Fred achieved excellent investment results for his clients. The performance numbers were a result of a fundamental investment process that he developed supported by his independent and diligent research. Fred's disciplined approach to investing and his reputation as a premier money manager allowed him to attract topnotch investment talent to Disciplined Growth Investors. Profile
TWST: Would you please start with an overview of Disciplined Growth Investors? I know you're the founder of the firm, so who better to ask?

Mr. Martin: We are going to be 13 years old in February. We