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Investing In Fixed Income Securities – Linda Niemela Williams – Lowry Hill Investment Advisors, Inc.

Linda Niemela Williams is the director of fixed income investments at Lowry Hill. Her responsibilities include overseeing the firm's fixed income strategy, trading, monitoring developments in the bond market, and making recommendations to other Lowry Hill investment professionals. Linda has specialized in fixed income securities since 1984 and has traded municipal, corporate, mortgage-backed, government, and agency bonds for three broker-dealers during her career. Previously, she was senior vice president and manager of the municipal and unit investment trust trading desks at John G. Kinnard & Co., a regional broker-dealer. Her experience has included underwriting municipal bond issues throughout the Midwest, managing the company's bond inventory, marketing bonds to the brokerage sales force, and providing training and continuing education in fixed income securities. Linda has a master's degree in business communication from the University of St. Thomas Graduate School of Business in St. Paul, Minnesota, and a bachelor's degree in speech-communication from the University of Minnesota. She has served as the secretary and board member of the Minnesota Institute of Public Finance, a lobbying and educational organization serving the Minnesota municipal bond community. She is also a member of the Twin City Bond Club. Linda was recently named an "Alumnus of Notable Achievement" by the University of Minnesota's College of Liberal Arts. Profile
TWST: Would you begin with a brief overview of Lowry Hill and your responsibilities with fixed income?

Ms. Williams: Lowry Hill is a private asset management firm, established in 1986. We work