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Investing In Emerging Markets – Ray Prasad – Batterymarch Financial Management, Inc.

Ray Prasad holds a B.S. from Delhi University (India), an MBA from the Indian Institute of Management and an M.S. from Boston College. He joined Batterymarch Financial Management, Inc., as an Intern in 1996 to research emerging markets and became an Analyst in 1997. Mr. Prasad was promoted to Portfolio Manager in 2000 and was named Senior Portfolio Manager in 2005, with primary responsibility for Asian markets. He became Director in 2010. Before joining the firm, he worked at Revlon, Inc. He has 14 years of investment experience. Profile
TWST: Please begin with a brief introduction to the Legg Mason Batterymarch Emerging Markets Trust and an overview of your investment philosophy.

Mr. Prasad: I'll start by telling you a little bit