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Investing In Canadian Energy Equities – Garey J. Aitken – Bissett Investment Management

Garey J. Aitken is the Chief Investment Officer at Bissett Investment Management. Mr. Aitken joined Bissett Investment Management (formerly Bissett & Associates) in 1998 as a Canadian equity analyst focusing on the Canadian large and medium capitalization sector. In June 2000, Mr. Aitken assumed responsibility for Bissett's domestic small and micro cap equity programs. In October 2003, Mr. Aitken was promoted to co-manager of the Bissett Canadian Equity Fund. Currently, as Chief Investment Officer, Mr. Aitken is lead manager of the Core Equity Trust and oversees Bissett's Equity Research Team and is the Chair of Bissett's Investment Committee. Prior to joining Bissett, he was the Assistant Treasurer for a senior Canadian energy firm. Mr. Aitken is a graduate of the University of Alberta (B.Comm., 1989) and the University of British Columbia (M.B.A., 1990). He earned his Chartered Financial Analyst designation in 1993. Profile
TWST: Why don't you start with a brief overview of your firm and then tell us a bit about the energy fund?

Mr. Aitken: Bissett Investment Management is one of the stand-alone investment management