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Investing In Asia With A Hedging Strategy – Robert Howe – Geomatrix

Robert Howe is Founder and CEO of the Geomatrix, an Opera Solutions company. Geomatrix focuses on earnings estimate revisions and other quantitative, fundamental and technical tools to invest long and short in Japanese equities. Mr. Howe has been a professional Fund Manager since 1983, much of those years in Asia. Previous to Geomatrix, he was Chairman and Chief Investment Officer for AIG Global Investment Corp (Japan) and sat on their Global Asset Allocation Committee. For 10 years, Mr. Howe was Senior Portfolio Manager for Rowe Price-Fleming in Tokyo and Hong Kong. And prior to that, he was a Technology Analyst at T. Rowe Price Associates, and an Economist at the World Bank and Data Resources. Mr. Howe has an MBA in finance from Harvard and a B.A. in economics from Yale. He was a founding Board Member of the Chartered Financial Analysts society in Japan, and is active in CFA Hawaii. Profile
TWST: Please introduce us to Geomatrix.

Mr. Howe: Geomatrix is a Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission-registered investment adviser specializing in Asian equities. We run our own strategy, and